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Welcome to what you're about to discover will be your most enjoyable, convenient and cost-effective Arizona MCLE experience!

You've done it before, so you know the drill.  As the deadline for completing your mandatory continuing legal education approaches, you begin to search for the closest, most convenient CLE programs you can find. Seems like they're all in the wrong place and the wrong time; more nights and weekends away from home - don't offer those hard to get required subjects like "eliminating bias", "substance abuse" or "Legal Ethics" or "professionalism"- and even worse, all you find require more lost billable time out of your office.  And talk about expensive - HUNDRED$ of dollars for a few-hours of  "warm and fuzzy" (or terribly boring) programs about something you're just not interested in - but the State Bar is!

Now you can forget about wasting your time and money on those over-priced, inconvenient seminars!  No more lost billable hours out of your office.  And best of all, NOW YOU CAN EARN ALL YOUR ARIZONA CONTINUING LEGAL EDUCATION CREDITS, INCLUDING ALL THE BAR'S REQUIRED SUBJECTS AND HOURS, RIGHT FROM THE COMFORT AND CONVENIENCE OF YOUR OWN HOME OR OFFICE COMPUTER!  And all for less money than one several hour seminar!

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That's why you'll be so glad you're reading this.  While you may hate the thought of doing your MCLE the old fashioned way - chasing around town - you'll LOVE earning ALL your required continuing legal education subjects and hours without having to leave your office or home.  That's why we've developed these new Arizona Bar Approved CLE programs for you - the only ones we know of that come with a 100% no-risk money-back satisfaction guarantee.

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We only came up with three possible questions you may have...here they are:

Q: This sounds like a great concept - but can I really earn my MCLE credits this way?

A: You can use these MCLE programs offered by C.C.I.'s Institute for Continuing Legal Education (Div. of Clark Consolidated Industries, Inc.), a California State Bar approved MCLE provider (provider No. 4932).  YES, you can earn up to 14 OR a whole 30 hours* of State Bar Approved Continuing Legal Education credits - including ALL the Bar's required hours and subjects- with these revolutionary computer-based interactive CLE software programs! Other lawyers who use our computer-based MCLE program enjoy the benefits of earning their credits from their own computer - and you will, too!. In fact, here's a short listing of just a few benefits you'll enjoy with this great MCLE activity:

  • No more lost billable hours out of your office for CLE seminars.
  • No more inconvenient seminars with their high prices, dull content and driving all over town to get to them.
  • No more nights and weekends spent at CLE programs, away from your home and what you'd rather be doing.
  • You can earn up to ALL YOUR 15 hours of your required MCLE credits* - that's ALL the Arizona Bar required hours and subjects - right from your own computer!
  • It's easy and convenient!  You get your choice of on-line, World Wide Web programs offered on the Internet, or the "stand alone" 15 hour version* on CD you use right on your own Windows (tm) computer - no Internet or WWW connection required.
  • You'll save money too - Get your whole 15 hours of Arizona Bar Required CLE credits - for about what you'd pay for just one "long and boring" seminar!
  • And these are the ONLY CLE PROGRAMS we know of that come to you with a FULL YEAR, NO RISK 100% MONEY BACK SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - NO QUESTIONS ASKED!  If you don't think it's everything we say, just return it anytime within 12 months, before earning any CLE credit, for a full refund!  ( Of course, while we'll be happy to give you a full refund, we won't be able to give you any MCLE credits should you exercise this "no questions asked" guarantee).
  • Earn ALL the hours and Bar required subjects you need for this compliance period *- save any additional hours and use them in your next compliance period - without additional cost!
  • Q. I'm not very skilled with computers - I'm not very technical.  Will I be able to use your online Web based program or your interactive computer-based CD MCLE programs easily?
  • A: If you've ever gone online, surfed the internet, used one of the online services or just use a computer for simple word processing or about anything else, you'll be able to use this program.  In fact, these programs were DESIGNED TO BE EASY FOR A LAWYER TO USE - NOT made for "A computer geek TECHIE" to use! They're so easy you don't even need to install anything on your computer - no using up any hard drive space or computer resources - nothing to have to "uninstall" later. All you need to run the CD-based program is a PC with a CD drive, running Windows 95** or later and Microsoft Internet Explorer** 4.0 or later.  If you can browse or "surf" the internet now, you're ready to start earning your Florida CLE credits right now!
  • Just go to the Website, or pop in the program CD, and off you go, on the way to completing all your MCLE requirements! It's really that easy.  In fact, it looks very much like a cross between a World Wide Web page and a book right on your computer screen.
  • These MCLE programs were DESIGNED to be easy for a lawyer to use...you DON'T need to be a computer guru or "techie"...just pop the CD into your CD drive...it starts automatically and you'll be on the way to earning ALL your CLE credits - quickly, easily and conveniently! - imagine yourself sitting at your favorite coffee house at sunset, watching the sun set while enjoying your favorite beverage while you finish up your CLE credits.  But remember, the Bar requires you use this program in an undisturbed environment suitable for learning, without undue interruptions, so try not to have too much fun completing your requirements!

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  • Remember the risk is entirely on our shoulders, and you get our unconditional one year guarantee that your CLE programs will be everything we say they are.  Don't put this off - in just minutes you can be on your way to enjoying the most convenient MCLE you've ever earned. Get started now!
  • And get this - you have your CHOICE of 2 ways to earn your CLE credits:  Either on-line with our World Wide Web program...just connect to the internet and earn ALL your Bar required hours* and subjects...or with the CD-based programs you use "off line" on your own laptop, notebook or desktop computer (no internet connection required) to earn your 15 hours * of required Arizona CLE credits!
  • Or, if you still have any concerns or questions, just phone us (office hours, Pacific time) at 702-735-0503
  • *Here's your FULL YEAR  "No Risk Money Back 100% Satisfaction Guarantee"

    we challenge you to find any other MCLE provider who dares to offer you a Full Year Money-Back Guarantee:

    earn all your california bar required MCLE mandatory continuing legal education credits online on the world wide web or with our new 25 hour and 15.5  hour cal bar approved MCLE programs without having to spend time out of your office - no more lost billable time - no more chasing thru traffic - now you can earn a full 25 hours of california bar approved MCLE right from the comfort and convenience of your own home or office computerExamine our Arizona CLE program FOR UP TO A FULL YEAR before using it to earn any CLE credits!   If it's not everything you want, you can return the program for any reason, "no questions asked" before using it to earn any CLE and your full purchase price will be cheerfully refunded (however you will not receive any MCLE credits).

    Copyright © MMV, by  Clark Consolidated Industries, Inc., 9424 Darwell Drive, L.V., NV  89117-0602.  C.C.I.'s INSTITUTE FOR CONTINUING LEGAL EDUCATION is a division of  Clark Consolidated Industries, Inc., and a State Bar of California approved MCLE provider ( California Bar Provider No. 4932).  These Computer-Based Interactive MCLE Activity Programs are approved for the stated numbers of hours of CLE credits*.

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    here's where you earn all your california state bar required mcle hours and subjects. Get your online web based or stand alone CD california bar approved mcle programs and earn all your california bar required hours and subjects. covers all required subjects and makes earning your california mcle subject credits fast easy and affordable

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    Once you order, you'll get the program of your choice, and you can begin to earn all your Arizona CLE required hours & subjects - a full 14 hours* right on your own computer or online on the World Wide Web!

    order your California Bar Approved MCLE program now - start earning all your state bar required MCLE subjects and hours online or from your home or office computer


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    "The State Bar of Arizona does not approve or accredit CLE activities for the Mandatory Continuing Legal Education requirement. This activity may qualify for up to 15 hours toward your annual CLE requirement for the State Bar of Arizona, including professional responsibility."


    The California Bar advises that participatory (i.e., "seminar attendance") CLE credits may be earned based on your ACTUAL TIME SPENT on each participatory activity; therefore, while the credits indicated in our "Provider's Certification" reflect our attorney-editor's determination of a reasonable time to complete each participatory activity, if you actually spend LESS TIME than the time designated therein, you are instructed to cross-out the pre-printed time, and write in your actual (lesser) time spent.  In such cases, you will be given credit for your actual lesser time(s) you indicate you spent on each such activity; but in no case will credit be allowed for times greater than that pre-printed, no matter how much time you spent on any activity.

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