New York Bar CLE Credits

Welcome to what's going to be your most enjoyable, convenient and cost-effective New York CLE experience!

You've done it before, so you know the drill.  As the biennial deadline for completing your New York Bar CLE credits approaches, you begin to search for the closest, most convenient MCLE programs you can find. Seems like they're all in the wrong place and the wrong time; more nights and weekends away from home - chasing around town - fighting traffic and looking for parking - wasting more lost billable time out of the office.  And talk about expensive - HUNDRED$ of dollars for a few-hour "warm and fuzzy" program about something you're just not interested in - but the Bar is!

Now you can forget about wasting your time and money on those over-priced, inconvenient seminars! No more lost billable hours out of your office.  And best of all, NOW YOU CAN EARN ALL YOUR NEW YORK CLE CREDITS, INCLUDING



That's why you'll be so glad you're here.  You hate the thought of doing your MCLE the old fashioned way - chasing around town - wasting your time and money - spending time away from what you'd rather be doing...not to mention billable time out of your office - now you can earn ALL your required subjects, credits and required hours without having to leave the comfort of your office or home. That's why you'll love this new 24-Hour New York "Approved Jurisdiction" MCLE program we developed for you - You'll  get your full 24 hours for your 2-year biennial reporting period - and it's the the only MCLE program we know of that comes with a full year, "no questions asked" 100% no-risk guarantee. We only came up with three questions you may they are:

Q: This sounds like a great concept - but can I really earn my New York Bar CLE credits this way?

A: This 24-Hour New York Bar CLE credits program is offered by C.C.I.'s Institute for Continuing Legal Education (Div. of Clark Consolidated Industries, Inc.), a California State Bar approved MCLE provider (provider No. 4932).  Because we're a California State Bar approved provider, on the New York "approved jurisdiction" list, YES, you can earn up to your entire 24 hours of New York State Bar required CLE - that's a full biennial reporting period of CLE Credits - with this revolutionary computer-based interactive MCLE software  

To see the New York Rules and how you can earn a Full 2 Years Continuing Legal Education Credits, here are the links so you can read the Rules for yourself:

For NY Bar CLE Credits Program Approval Rules

Just click below to read the rules

New York CLE Program Rules, Part 1500

Regulations; highlights of recent changes

Regulations & Guidelines (Adobe Reader required)

READY TO GET STARTED NOW? YOU CAN GET YOUR PASSWORD AND BE ONLINE (OR HAVE THE BOXED CD PROGRAM ON IT'S WAY TO YOU) IN JUST MINUTES! Then you'll be earning your CLE credits F-A-S-T - just phone our office (Pacific Time Zone) at 702-735-0503 NOW!

Other lawyers who use our computer-based CLE enjoy the benefits of earning their credits from their own computer, and now you can, too! In fact, here's a short listing of just a few benefits you'll enjoy with this great MCLE activity:


  • No more lost billable hours out of your office for CLE seminars.
  • No more inconvenient seminars with their high prices, dull content and driving all over town fighting traffic to get to them.
  • No more nights and weekends spent away from your home and family.
  • You'll earn ALL your CLE credits - that's ALL required hours and subjects - right from your own computer!
  • It's easy and convenient!  You get your choice of the on-line, World Wide Web program offered on the Internet, OR the "stand alone" program on CD rushed to you in a handsome library case you use right on your own computer - no Internet or WWW connection required.
  • You'll save money - Get a full 24 hours of CLE credits - a FULL 2 YEAR BIENNIAL PERIOD OF NEW YORK CLE CREDITS - for a lot less than you'd pay elsewhere! And you'll be getting ALL THE NEW YORK REQUIRED SUBJECTS, CREDITS & REQUIRED HOURS, too!
  • And get this: you also receive our FULL YEAR, NO RISK 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - NO QUESTIONS ASKED!  If you don't think this Computer Based CLE program is everything we say, just return it anytime within 12 months, before earning any CLE credit, for a full refund!  ( Of course, while we'll be happy to give you a full refund, we can't give you any CLE credits should you exercise this "no questions asked" guarantee)

    Q: I don't need a full 24 hours of New York Bar CLE credits this biennial reporting period - so why should I get your 24-hour program? 

    A: Good question! We also offer a 12 Credit NY CLE program...and even if you don't need a full 24 hours of MCLE this biennial period, you WILL have to earn additional MCLE credits next one -  and unless things change, the period after, too!  With our program, you'll be able to earn all the credits you need this period, then use the rest for a "jump start" on your next compliance period!  And because the New York Bar does allow "carry over" credits, if you've still got unused hours left on the program, just use them in the future when and as you need them!

    Earn the hours you need for this biennial period's MCLE requirements - save any additional hours and use them in your future years - without any additional cost, or grab our 12 Credit NY CLE program!

    Q. I'm not very skilled with computers - I'm not very technical...not a "computer geek"...  Will I be able to use this interactive computer-based CLE program easily?

    A: If you've ever gone online, surfed the internet, sent e-mail or used one of the online services or used a computer for word processing or other basic computer tasks, you'll be able to use this program.  In fact, it's so easy you don't even need to install anything on your computer - no using up any hard drive space or computer resources - nothing to have to "uninstall" later. All you need is a PC with a disk drive, running Windows 95 or later and Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or later.  Just pop the CD into your drive, and off you go, on the way to completing all your CLE requirements!  It's really that easy.  In fact, it looks very much like a cross between a World Wide Web page and an interactive book right on your computer screen.

    And Take A Look At This Special Free Bonus You'll Get If You Order Within 10 Days:

    Order now and you'll get a FREE BONUS of 1.6 additional  hours of CLE credits - use them now, or save them for your next biennial period! As our way of saying "Thanks", if you order now, we'll give you these additional hours of New York Approved CLE free!  Remember, because the New York Bar does let you carry-over MCLE credits, you can use these free bonus credits in a coming biennial period.

    • READY TO GET STARTED NOW? YOU CAN GET YOUR PASSWORD AND BE ONLINE (OR HAVE THE BOXED CD PROGRAM ON IT'S WAY TO YOU) IN JUST MINUTES! Then you'll be earning your CLE credits F-A-S-T - just phone our office (Pacific Time Zone) at 702-735-0503 NOW!

    • order your California Bar Approved MCLE program now - start earning all your state bar required MCLE subjects and hours online or from your home or office computer


  • Remember the risk is entirely on our shoulders, and you have an unconditional one year guarantee that this CLE program will be everything we say it is*.  Don't put this off - in just seconds you can be on your way to enjoying the most convenient MCLE you've ever earned. Get started now!
  • And get this - you have your CHOICE of 2 ways to earn your MCLE credits:  Either on-line with our 24-Hour World Wide Web program...just connect to the internet and earn ALL your New York Bar required hours and subjects...or with the individual program you use "off line" on your own computer (no internet connection required)!
  • Or, if you still have any concerns or questions, just phone us at 702-735-0503 (office hours, Pacific Time zone).
  • And if you want to "Try Before You Buy" just phone us and we'll send you a FREE DEMO PROGRAM you can try at your own home or office to see if it's everything we say.

    *Here's our "No Risk Guarantee" - we challenge you to find any other CLE provider who dares to meet this Full Year Money-Back offer: Examine the program in your home and office FOR UP TO A FULL YEAR before using it to earn any MCLE credits!   If it's not everything you want, you can return the program for any reason, "no questions asked" before using it to earn MCLE credits for a full 12 months from purchase and your full purchase price will be cheerfully refunded (however you will not receive any MCLE credits).


    © MMVI, MMX by  Clark Consolidated Industries, Inc.,  C.C.I.'s INSTITUTE FOR CONTINUING LEGAL EDUCATION is a division of  Clark Consolidated Industries, Inc., and a State Bar of California approved MCLE provider ( California Bar Provider No. 4932).  The 24-Hour New York MCLE Computer-Based Interactive MCLE and On-Line Web-based MCLE Activity Programs are approved for up to 24 hours of MCLE credits.

  • For additional information, or to order, just call our office at: 702-735-0503

  • C.C.I.'s Institute for Continuing Legal Education is a California State Bar Approved MCLE Provider

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