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Look at Everything You Get:

  1. YOUR "INSTANT" HIPAA SECURITY POLICY & PROCEDURE MANUAL on CD. Ready to "customize", insert your practice name and address and then print out your own complete ready-to-use HIPAA Policy & Procedure Manual!  And with this product, it's easy to modify, amend and update your HIPAA Procedures if and when the laws change! Has most all the Policies and Procedures required by the average smaller practice of up to 10 employees, and also INCLUDES MOST ALL HIPAA FORMS your office will need, too!    VALUE: $297
  2. EMPLOYEE HIPAA SECURITY TRAINING CD.  This "Full Industrial Strength Training" CD is a "virtual HIPAA SECURITY SCHOOL in your office computer" and has everything you need to train your employees as required under HIPAA!  Just pop it into your computer and LET IT TRAIN YOUR STAFF FOR YOU with TWO DIFFERENT COMPLETE TRAINING PROGRAMS ...individual training AND a powerful GROUP TRAINING SLIDE SHOW included with the program and train a number of your staff members at one time!  No time wasting seminars, No expensive consultants, No "down time" at your practice for HIPAA Security training!  Remember, you have to Security train AND document your training for all current and future employees.  And with these two Employee Security Training Programs, you'll get it done quickly and affordably!                                 VALUE: $197
  3. LAWS FOR HIPAA SECURITY COMPLIANCE You'll get the COMPLETE TEXT of the HIPAA SECURITY REGULATIONS...We had this "electronic law book" specially prepared by an experienced contains just about ALL the HIPAA Security LAWS you need to know about...the Code of Federal Regulations containing most all the HIPAA Security provisions.        VALUE: $49
  4. INSTANT "SECURITY OFFICIAL" KIT TO GET YOUR REQUIRED PERSON IN PLACE..RIGHT NOW! It's just what you need for you and your office administrator to quickly get your new "Security Official" in place and ready to quickly and easily perform your "HIPAA SECURITY RISK ANALYSIS" using the templates supplied with this kit. so you know WHAT to do, WHY to do it, and HOW to do it!    VALUE: $34
  5. INSTANT "SECURITY RISK ANALYSIS" TEMPLATES AND GUIDES that show you quickly and easily how to do your Security Risk/Gap Analysis...and generate your Security Measures and contingency plan at the same time!   VALUE: $99
  6. "OWNER'S MANUAL AND "FAST START GUIDE" that shows you how to get HIPAA Security Compliant in as little as just one day after planning!VALUE $47
  7. OWNER/ADMINISTRATOR'S QUICK-START AUDIO CD INTRO to tell you how to get started right away VALUE $27
  8. STAFF TRAINING SEMINAR ON AUDIO CD So your staff members can train themselves on their time, away from the office. They just pop in this Audio Training Seminar CD and train themselves! Not available anywhere else! Value $97

The regular value of the all the items above comprising the COMPLETE "INSTANT HIPAA SECURITY COMPLIANCE KIT IN A BOX kit" is regularly $820  But if you Order The Complete "Instant HIPAA Compliance Kit in a Box" before Midnight  you'll  GET IT ALL FOR ONLY $299.95 AND $9.95 shipping & handling

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Includes Compliance Procedures, Security Official templates, complete Risk Analysis templates, security measures, contingency plan, Complete "Security Policy & Procedure Manual" templates, the full text of the Security Rule and Security Incident Template and easy to follow instructions.

Only $199.95 (plus S&H)


Everything you need to get your staff trained for HIPAA SECURITY AWARENESS...

A.  FULL "INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH" TRAINING; Includes both the Individual Training and the Group Slide Show training program  

Only $199.95 (plus S&H)


Only $97.95 (plus S&H)

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You can also order by mail or by fax!

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